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Hassel free repairs and replacement of glass

Glass is very sensitive, fragile and versatile to handle, and it can be made in to various shape and size. For car the parts made of glass are side windows, wind shield, rear glass and side mirrors. Glass can be produced from various ceramics and it mainly contains oxides.

And the wind shield and windows of cars are made of flat or float glass category. In going years these glasses were replaced and laminated glasses are being used, it is a multi-layered glass which is placed and coated with two plastic sheets. The main advantage of laminated glass is that they won't shatter or break all of sudden and it is safe for passengers. The quality plays very important role and there arevarious tests performed to ensure the glass is safe and they also check variables such as:

Melting point of glass

Furnace atmosphere

Glass level

The defects in glass are detected using photoelectric device and there are other devices to check radius, curvature and dimensions of glass. In order to pass the quality test of glass there are factors such as durability, resistance to impact and strength which have to be met with the standard of American society of testing material (ASTM).

Advantages of windshield:

Protection from UV rays

Anti-fog capacity

Protection from dust

Protection from high speed wind and rain fall

If your car window or windshield is broken need not to worry as we have steps for you on how to repair it.

Steps for replacement or repair of car window:

The first thing we need to do is remove the broken pieces of glass and also remove remaining part of glass in the window if there is any.

When the glass is broken it will be getting divide into small parts and also something particles or glass debris, these particles cannot be seen and can cause danger. So the best thing is that you should clean it with vacuum cleaner and also vacuum seats, dashboard, seats, doors and carpet.

Next go to a store for buy a new glass that fits your window

After fixing it test the working of the window is proper and replace the door panel if necessary. This is the simple process to replace window and it is easy and stress free.

Replacement of windshield:

Go to an automotive glass store and buy a perfect windshield that fits your car.

Before starting the process you need to remove all the items near the windshield like side mirrors, wipers etc.

Cover all the vents and dashboard with plastic sheet

Wear the protective gloves to prevent cuts to your skin

Inspect the rubber gasket around the window glass, be sure that there should not be any crack on that, if there is a crack remove the rubber gasket with help of knife or a screwdriver. It is easy to remove but if the gasket is fixed then use screwdriver in the slit and make a move around and separate gasket from glass and remove it.

Then push the broken windshield gently from inside, as windshield is so heavy take help of another person while removing it.

Clean the gasket with acetone and Place the gasket on new windshield.

Apply sealant or petroleum jelly on outer side of gasket and slowly place it on the frame. Press the wind shield gently and make sure it fits perfectly.

Rub away any extra adhesive.

One more problem with car will be jamming of car window, try to pull it gently and take help of another person and ask them to push the window knob and pull, push the window gently. Don't do it hard, due to pressure the glass may shatter and it may injury or may lead to costly repair.

And one more method is that you can hitthe door and press the switch up and down.

For minor problem it is easy to fix by ourselves but for any major problems it is not safe to fix by our self so better show up to mechanic who can fix your problems at reasonable prices.

There are many options in market who can understand our requirement and solve them, on our part we should be clear while choosing. Always go for two or three opinions while choosing and choose the best one.